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2008 Annual Meeting Abstracts

A Novel Method of Auricular Reconstruction
Matthew C. McRae, BA, Alexander Au, MD, Deepak Narayan, MD, FRCS.
Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, USA.

Defects of the auricular helix are often repaired using wedge resection and closure or the Antia-Buch technique. These can lead to characteristic deformities (fig1) in the former and a long anteriorly placed scar in the latter. We describe a novel technique that circumvents these limitations.
The technique consists of making a release incision at the root of the helix and the lobule after the resection of the lesion is performed in a lazy S manner with a stair step incision for the border (fig 2).The superior auricular muscle and ligament are detached. A rotation-advancement is performed to close the defect and the auricle is re-attached to the mastoid using a non-absorbable suture.
The procedure was performed on 7 Caucasian males with an age range of 19-76 years. All but 2 were performed for melanomas of the ear. Defects ranged from 2.5-4 cm. The mean follow up was 1 year with a range of 3-36 months. No complications were noted post operatively and aesthetic results have been excellent (fig 3).
The novel technique described herein represents a useful addition to the armamentarium of the reconstructive surgeon for single stage repair of defects of the auricular helix.